Creative Hat Craft

PreACCESS and ACCESS students created fun paper strip hats last Monday.

They curled, folded and twisted paper strips to make their own hats. They were happy to chose their own paper colors to create a hat of their own.The older students were very creative and came up with the idea to make a paper phone on their hats.

今週のHat Weekに先駆けて、PreACCESSとACCESSでは先週のアートの時間に細長い色画用紙を使って帽子を作りました。色画用紙を幾重にも重ねてみたり、折り曲げてみたり、くるくると丸めてみたり…みんな紙の帽子作りに夢中でした。みんな創造豊かに、紙の携帯を帽子に付けた生徒さんもいましたよ。

They were so proud of the hats they made!




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