About Classes

1) PIP (Pegasus International Preschool)

PIP is an all-English kindergarten open to children ages 1 year 3 months old to 6 years old, who are not currently attending a Japanese kindergarten. Classes are held on weekdays from 9:30am – 14:30pm. The all-English environment uses activities that follow work in conjunction with our monthly theme each month to help students to gain knowledge and further grow their English skills. It is an international environment where children of many nationalities attend. To date, the school has played host to children from 17 different countries from around the globe.

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2) SI (Super Immersion)

The Super Immersion program is open to children aged 1 year 3 months old to 6 years old and offers an extended daycare program. Children can attend school from 9:00am – 19:00pm, which fits with working parents busy schedules. This program raises not only each child’s listening and speaking ability, but also encourages growth in their reading abilities as well, offering a complete English immersion learning experience. Each month, lessons are tailored to the monthly theme and season allowing children to grow up with a global mindset.

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This is an afternoon program aimed at 3 to 6 year olds who attend Japanese preschool or kindergarten. In addition to phonics study, which is held every day, each day offers a different subject of study (Science, Social Studies, Art, etc). This allows the students to have fun in class while obtaining a wide variety of knowledge on many different subjects. Attendance starts from 3 days per week. The schedule is flexible and allows students to attend either all 3 days on weekdays or two weekdays and attend preschool on Saturdays.

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4) Saturday Preschool

This is a 5 hour class offered on Saturdays for children who are in the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd year of kindergarten. This is the perfect program for children who attend Japanese kindergarten during the week. We place great importance on listening and speaking, with the aim of helping the students to understand English without hesitating and needing to replace it with Japanese. Activities related to each month’s theme, as well as phonics lessons, are added to create a fun filled lesson. Our program accepts students who can attend only Saturday Preschool or would like to combine it with 2 days of Pre ACCESS. Discounted rates are available. A further Sunday Preschool option is planned to be opened in the future.

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This is an English-language after school program aimed at children from the first through to fourth grades of elementary school. The lessons are based on experience gained from running English conversation schools. The program will certainly raise a child’s level in English in all aspects. Even a complete beginner to the English language will be able to read a picture book within one year of studying. This is an excellent opportunity to use your child’s after school time productively and help your child on the road to becoming bilingual.

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